Brief Notices and a listing of Events taking place around the village in the next two months.
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Tue 25 Feb : Pancake Evening

Tue 25 Feb : 18:00
Pancake Evening: Church Centre (Shrove Tuesday Pancakes - £5 per adult, children free.)

Tickets and more information : Christine Leonard or Ann Sherbourne-Hall

Thu 27 Feb : Arford WI
Sat 29 Feb : Folk Club : COIG + Copper Viper.
Sun 01 Mar : Monthly Walk
Thu 05 Mar : The Arts Society

Thu 05 Mar : 14:00
The Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (The Healing Power of Plants : Timothy Walker)

Despite being used for thousands of years, the role of plants in modern medicine is still considered to be peripheral by many people.

Thu 05 Mar : Headley Society
Thu 12 Mar : Voluntary Care AGM
Fri 13 Mar : Holme School Cream Tea
Sat 21 Mar : Twinning Association Quiz Night
Sat 21 Mar : Folk Club : The Siobhan Miller Band
Mon 30 Mar : Folk Club : Bob Fox + Jon Wilks

Mon 30 Mar : 17:30
Folk Club : Bob Fox + Jon Wilks: Grayshott Village Hall (The "Songman" from the National Theatre's adaptation of Michael Morpurgo's "War Horse")

Bob is a living legend in Folk circles but has reached a much wider audience through his theatre work. He has clocked up 50 years in Folk Clubs around the World, from his native North-East, to North America and Australasia. His singing and guitar playing draw admiration from both his audiences and his peers.

Thu 02 Apr : The Arts Society

Thu 02 Apr : 14:00
The Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (The Forensic Eye - Find your Inner Connoisseur : Chantal Brotherton-Ratcliffe)

How do dealers, auctioneers and museum staff determine whether a piece is by one painter or another? What role does the signature play, and what are the key clues to look for when deciding who painted the picture?

Thu 02 Apr : Headley Society
Sun 05 Apr : Monthly Walk
Sat 18 Apr : Folk Club : Oysterband 3
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