Brief Notices and a listing of Events taking place around the village in the next two months.

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Sun 17 Feb : Liphook ramblers walk from Conford
Mon 18 Feb : Woolmer Forest U3A

Mon 18 Feb : 14:00
Woolmer Forest U3A: Whitehill Village Hall (Portsmouth History Part Three - Andrew Negas)

Woolmer Forest U3A are holding their monthly meeting in Whitehill Village Hall. The speaker is the very enthusiastic Andrew Negas who has a vast knowledge of Portsmouth, and has returned to tell us about Portsmouth History Part Three. Refreshments will follow the talk. Members pay £2, and Visitors pay £3.

Thu 21 Feb : Horticultural Society
Thu 28 Feb : Arford WI
Thu 28 Feb : Arford WI
Sun 03 Mar : Monthly Walk
Tue 05 Mar : Pancakes and Beetle Drive

Tue 05 Mar : 17:00
Pancakes and Beetle Drive: Church Centre (Shrove Tuesday Celebration)

Adults £5 Children free Contact Ian 717507

Thu 07 Mar : Arts Society

Thu 07 Mar : 14:00
Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (Radiant Art - The Splendour and Sorrow of Medieval Stained Glass : Roger Rosewell)

Stained glass was one of the most important arts of the Middle Ages, combining monumental painting with architecture, sculpture and other arts to create church interiors shimmering with sumptuous colours and miraculous stories.

Thu 07 Mar : Headley Society
Mon 18 Mar : First Aid Course
Wed 20 Mar : Arts Society

Wed 20 Mar : 10:00
Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (Antique and Contemporary Jewellery - Joanna Hardy)

Special Interest Day - Three sessions from the BBC Antiques Roadshow Jewellery specialist.

Thu 21 Mar : Horticultural Society
Thu 04 Apr : Arts Society

Thu 04 Apr : 14:00
Arts Society: Grayshott Village Hall (When Britain Clicked - Photography of the Swinging Sixties :Brian Stater)

British photography enjoyed a golden age in the 1960s. Young, talented newcomers broke out of the conventional studio to revolutionise perceptions of fashion, portraiture and popular culture.

Thu 04 Apr : Headley Society

Thu 04 Apr : 20:00
Headley Society: Church Centre (Pierrepoint Farm)

The work of the Countryside Restoration Trust - Mike Clear

Sat 06 Apr : Spring Show
Sun 07 Apr : Monthly Walk
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