Horticultural Society

A taste of Italy came to Headley in February when Paolo Arrigo came to entertain members. Starting with a short burst on his accordion Paolo - Italian by heritage but born in England and with a very English accent - explained just exactly what the Romans did for us and how most of what we consider to be English vegetables were actually introduced in Roman Times.

Paolo had brought with him a large selection of seeds from Italy with some very unusual varieties. He explained that 94% of all vegetable varieties have been lost over the last 100 years and that the majority of the seed that we buy in this country is actually produced in places such as China, India, Israel and Australia. And those selling them are part of large chemical companies. This means that there is not much choice from whoever we buy from. He went on to describe some of the more interesting seeds he had on offer and members were given the opportunity to purchase some at the end of the meeting

The Plant Sale will be held on 18th May at Headley Village Hall at 10.00am. Any donations of plants to sell can be brought along between 8.30am and 9.30am. Please do support this event as it raises funds for the Society.

Keeping members busy will be the three Shows that take place in April July and September, and details of how and what to enter are all in this year's Programme and Show Schedule available to all members. If you are not yet a member but would like to be, please contact our Membership Officer Marjorie Hall on 01428 712898 or come along to any of our meetings. These take place at the Headley Village Hall and are held on the third Thursday of the month Sept-March (except December) at 8pm.